Frequently Asked Questions

You’re going to find out pretty quickly that I love what I do (DJ’ing that is!) and I love to talk… So it goes without saying that I love to talk about what I do.

Every new enquiry I get seems to come with a few questions and I love answering them! so…

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Although it’s entirely possible that someone has already asked the same question before… in that case, you might find your answer here:

Who will DJ my event?

Well that’s an easy one: I will!

I do not subcontract my DJ gigs or take any bookings I do not intend to perform personally.

Don’t worry, you won’t turn up at your event only to find there’s a different DJ there! I can’t believe this happens but it must because it was the no. 1 complaint about DJ’s in the Easy Weddings 2018 Survey

What happens if you get sick, or something else comes up, and you can't DJ my event?

Fortunately this has not happened to me before, however, I do have a contingency plan in place just in case!

First of all, you will be informed immediately when I become aware that this will occur. From there I will give you the choice of two options:

  1. I use my extensive connections in the industry to find you another DJ (who I know and trust will meet your standards) to replace me for the night. I will pass on all your planning information to them and place you both in contact ASAP. This will ensure your night still runs as smoothly as possible.
  2. I give you a full refund of any money you have paid previously, including the deposit. You will then be free to shop around again and find a DJ you’d prefer replaces me for the event.

What's included when I book you as my DJ?

My DJ service includes:

  • Access to my DJ music planning App
  • Exceptional sound system – clean and crisp to max. volumes
  • Professional-grade wireless microphone – no more ‘tinny’ wedding speeches!
  • Dancefloor lighting – wireless controls to quickly adjust for optimum lighting all night long
  • All gear set up, ready-to-go 30 minutes before your designated music start time

Why do DJ's charge more for weddings than for other events?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the wedding mark-up right? … We can all smell the money oozing out of your pores with each vendor you visit…

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Just kidding! there is a reason…

It’s actually because more work is involved in a wedding. Why? Weddings usually involve more planning and customisation than other events. Understandably, the bride and groom want their special day to be done their own way.

Getting married but want to skip all the cliche formalities and kick right into the party? Sure I’ll charge you the same as other events!

How do I choose the music that I want where? Do you have a music list I can browse?

Funny that you ask that – I prepared this page dedicated to my Music Planning App earlier!

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Customise your timeline to place your special requests exactly where you want them. Search Youtube to find song requests or import playlists from Spotify. Browse the recommendation lists if you’re out of ideas or invite guests to let them do all the work for you.

Can I see you DJ before I book?


Get in touch through my contact page and I can let you know where/when my next public event is taking place.

I must warn you though, most of my public events these days are Bogan Bingo shows… so you better be ready to let your mullet down!