How can my APP benefit you?

24/7 Access

Download my APP and you’ll have access to your event any place, any time.


Update your plans and song request list on the fly, whenever it suits you.


Can’t remember what song you picked for that special event? Just open up the App and check. No more scouring through old emails or logging onto your computer.

Music request lists

Search Youtube to find tracks to add to your request lists.


Not sure it’s the right song? Click on it and the APP will take you straight to Youtube so you can listen and check.


Already been working on your request list on Spotify? Just import your playlist straight from Spotify.

Build your own timeline

Rename the sections, drag/drop them into order and add times to build a timeline that suits you best.


Quick and so convenient to use, it’s never been so easy to create your own unique plan and style for your event.


Perfect for couples who want everything to run as smooth as possible on their wedding day.


tip: you can even add your other wedding vendors like photographers, videographers and venue coordinators to the app so they can see the timeline too!

Invite guests to join in

Not sure which songs are going to get your crowd pumping? Just ask them!


Add guests to your event to give them access to request songs too. Let them do the work for you.


Or guests can like songs other people have added so I know which ones will be the most popular.


This works fantastically well for uni parties and school formals where there’s lots of people interested in hearing their music.