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Hi! I'm DJ Jules...

I call myself that because my name’s Jules and I’m a DJ

For the past decade I have been rocking out events up and down the NSW coast as a DJ and Event Host.

If you can’t tell from the cheesy grin I always have plastered on my face, I’ll let you know: I love what I do! DJ’ing that is… or more so, getting to party with strangers on the regular.

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“Professional, helpful, cheerful and accommodating. Really delivers and caters for all requests.”

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My Story

From humble begins to superstar DJ…

Born in Adelaide to a pair of kiwis (yes, it’s been a hard life!), my family first moved to Newcastle when I was just a wee boy.

Being raised by a couple of kiwi parents made my upbringing a little different to your typical Newcastle kid. However, I didn’t understand that until I first got to school. It’s hard not to stand out when your mum packs your lunchbox full of kiwifruits and you can’t pronounce the word ‘six’ properly.

Aaaah good old kiwi jokes, I’ve heard them all. It didn’t take me long to realise…

if I was going to survive in the rough and tumble world of the Steel City, 90’s Newcastle, I better learn to protect myself.

That's why I took up Martial Arts!!

DJ Jules young in Newcastle doing leg stretch
DJ Jules napoleon dynamite meme
Newcastle DJ Jules Hazell doing the splits
Jules Hazell round house kick to the face

From Karate Kid to Dance-Enthusiast

“Free your mind and your booty will follow”
George Clinton – Parliament Funkadelic

For me to fully explain to you how I became obsessed with dancing, first I’m going to need you to cast your mind back to 2004…

Aaah the early 2000s, what a time to be alive! A golden-age for music if I recall it correctly.

Who would have thought combining the lyrics from fully sick 80s songs with Electro-beats would have been such a hit. Who can forget DJ Sammy’s Heaven and Slinkee Minx’s Summer Rain… What absolute bangers!

But there’s one track in particular that stands out in my mind the most. Here’s the story of when I first heard it… and how a dancer was born from within me.

The moment that changed my life forever...

There I was, a boy in just his 16th year on this Earth, attending his first house party. Damn I looked suave in that fresh button up shirt and designer jeans my mum had picked out for me…

I felt a little awkward in this new environment so I did what I always do to make myself feel comfortable: headed straight to the snacks table…

There I was, chowing into a bowl of red clouds when I first heard it.

doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof…

then the lyrics started fading in…

Call on meeeeee… Call on me, Call on meeeeee… Call on me

The rest of my story is coming soon!

Sorry folks!! i haven’t finished this page yet!!

In the mean time, feel free to get in touch, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!

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