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Newcastle DJ Jules Hazell DJ'ing at Newcastle Exhibition Centre

Hi! I'm DJ Jules...

I call myself that because my name’s Jules and I’m a DJ

For the past decade I have been rocking out events up and down the NSW coast as a DJ and Event Host.

If you can’t tell from the cheesy grin I’m always sporting, I’ll let you know: I love what I do! DJ’ing that is… or more so, getting to party with strangers…

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If you’d like to know a little more about me and why I love to DJ then keep scrolling!

“Professional, helpful, cheerful and accommodating. Really delivers and caters for all requests.”

Barbara Farrell – Birthday Party – Wests New Lambton

Why I love to DJ...

DJ Jules Wedding DJ

Throughout my life I have been blessed with a beautiful, supportive group of great friends and family. I’ll take any excuse to bring them all together. Whether it’s hosting parties, dinners, games nights or just arranging quick trips to the beach, my favourite thing to do is hang out with the people I love. Each time we reminisce about our past adventures, laugh at the stupid things we used to do, then start building new experiences and stories which we will no doubt be sharing well into the future.

If you’ve ever read a DJ Bio., you’ve probably heard things like this before: “Music has always been a huge part of my life” or “it’s my love of music which made me start DJing”. This couldn’t be further from the truth for me. Before I started to DJ, music had always been something in the background. Sure, I loved singing along to Meatloaf and would spend most of my weekends dancing the night away at the Brewery (Queen’s Wharf Hotel) or Finnegan’s. But if you asked me, I couldn’t even tell you what my favourite songs or artists were. Heck, I couldn’t even pick a favourite genre!

It was once I started to DJ that it really clicked for me. The songs I enjoy the most are the ones which remind me of those awesome times I have had with my friends. I figured this out because I was seeing it time and time again at events I would DJ. The songs I’d play which would get the best reactions were always the ones which prompted memories the guests shared. Those unique songs each group has that they’re all busting to hear so they can go wild together. Ok so sometimes they’re not all that unique. Every group loves The Horses…

Have a think about it. What songs do you love because they remind you of great times you have had with your mates? Here’s just a sprinkling of my fondest memories and the songs which trigger them:

Watching Harry appear to invent an interpretive dance to Pulp’s Common People at about 4am when the night seemed well and truly over.

When Prowsey and I got kicked out of the races for taking our shirts off dancing to Abba’s Waterloo. I could probably think of a dozen songs which remind me of times with Prowse alone actually.

When Patrick would inform women he felt were not hefty enough that they would need to leave the dancefloor during Bombs Away’s Big Booty Bi… Anyway, you get the idea!

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, why I love to DJ!

When I DJ it’s like I get to be a part of those moments and memories every weekend. Not just with my mates but with complete strangers too! Ok, that sounds a little creepy. I’ve got to admit though, the amount of joy it brings me watching a bunch of grown men in the finest suits they’ve ever owned pretending to be in a canoe together after I play Hue Corporation’s Rock the Boat is ridiculous.

Let’s face it: music is a thousand times better when we share it with others. And I get to do that for a living… It doesn’t get any better than that.

Are you looking for a DJ who doesn’t take himself so seriously he won’t play those weird, whacky and wonderful requests your friends are dying to hear? Hit me up! I’d love to be a part of those next great moments you share 🙂